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overnight hours into tomorrow we'll see showers into oregon and washington state. little change in our condition around the bay tomorrow, moving on to the area of rim fire, groveland rim fire forecast i should say, calls for sunny skies tomorrow. afternoon thunderstorm. warm down in the valley with highs about 95 degrees and cooler in high country. getting back to the bay area overnight tonight areas of low clouds and fog inland. south bay highs into 80s. 87 emergencian hill, temperatures up to 80 in redwood city. and mid to upper 60s on the coast. mid-80s in the north bay valleys from sonoma. eeflt bay highs 74 oakland. inland east bay highs upper 80s to near 90. here is the accu-weather forecast. warm again friday. warmer low 90s inland. temperatures tapering off saturday, sunday, monday. despite the drp will be a pleasant and mild weejd dr-weekend. >> coming up next more on the soon to open new bay bridge. >> and how it is becoming a shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we
. >> and two people joined martin luther king march on washington 50 years ago an >>> here we go. count don to opening of the new bay bridge down to eight days opening a week from tomorrow. tonight caltrans and patrol put in the finishing touches on plans for the closure of the old bridge you know transition will require a five-day shut down starting just more than 48 hours from now. wednesday, at 8:00 p.m. through tuesday, 5:00 a.m. abc 7 news is live tonight. is everything set at this point? where do we stand? >> well... actually, the officials tell us that the work over the weekend is going put 2500 cement trucks on the road but... plans surrounding other elements are far less concrete. when the original bay bridge opened then governor frank mariam cut the chain with a blow torch who. will it be this time? >> back to the origin, folks members of the engineering panel. many of them are now elderly. >> the time is set, 3:00 p.m. monday. the governor's office says he won't be here. but the mtc says anything is possible. >> i'd yaft governor has been approached. as sit so often the case my g
washington and mark wahlberg teamed up to claim the top spot. the pair star in "2 guns" based on a graphic novel about an undercover operation against drug traffickers. the movie made $27 million this weekend. the wolverine came in second, with 21 million. "smurfs 2" debuted in third, 18 million. "the conjuring" came in fourth to help it top 100 million, which is he can rebel for a horror movie. "despicable me" rounding out the top spots. >> i'll see denzel in anything. he -- and mark wallberg is a great actor. i'm ama daetz, for mike shumann, lisa argen, leigh glaser, who is off, thank you for joining us. we're back at 9:00 and 11:00. we'll leave you with a live look outside. see you tonight at 11:00. >> right now, denzel washington and mark wahlberg on the run. >> lots of laughs, lots of action. >> this movie touches on the definition of family to each person. >> hollywood do-gooders honored. kid feel like an -- a lazy because i do not do half of this. >> i have a hot potato situation but it gets the job done. >> on the right carpet, now. welcome to on the red carpet on the set of abc fa
ongoing goals before the job in washington, d.c. heading the department of energy, steven chu taught at cal and stanford, research helped him win a nobel prize. he was director of the lawrence berkeley national lab yet, told me interest there is more to do by teaching again at stanford. >> young people have natural curiosity. i, too, want to do that. >> he emphasizes climate change seems to be the biggest concernx úáw. noaa says 2012 was among the 12 warmest years globally. and points out global warming is having a huge impact. >> if you look at things, storms, droughts, wildfires this and that. they say it's been increasing. number have been increasing. >> he says the federal government must do more to convince people if change doesn't happen quickly will be in trouble. >> this costs a lot of money.iyÑ and in terms of personal loss autos he's been an advocate and says we're not too far from producing a lot of it and doing it cheaply. he's happen regeting to, and from work on his bicycle. >> supporters of trayvon martin gathered for a protest this afternoon. a few dozen people hel
day with the fact that they lost a loved one. >> abc news, washington. >> we're learning more about hannah anderson's ordeal and hearing from the teen's father. the 16-year-old rescuesed yesterday after fbi agents shot and killed her suspected kidnapper james dimaggio ending a hunt for them. for the first time law dimaggio fired back at agents when ryeing to capture him. tonight hannah is back with her family. her father spoke with the media. >> heal be will be slow. she's been through a horrific ordeal i'm very proud of her and i/u5$w love her very much. she's surrounded by love of family, friends and community. >> did he matho suspected of killing hannah's mother and 8-year-old brother. hahn yaz was not aware until after the rescue. >> well a state wide amber alert set off smart phones in the middle of the night. many not understanding this aflirt. it prompted complaints and a review by lawmakers. and worried some may opt out of the system. california's first state wide amber alert startled a lot of people kplints include the loud sleek and receiving the message multiple times. fo
in washington. >> warming trend is well underway. >>> consumer reports says 1.6 million smart phones were stolen in this country last year and tonight, one frustrated owner is saying apple is part of the problem. michael finney now is here with the story. blaming apple. >> yes. it's interesting. you know, apple released it's find my iphone app in 2010 to great reviews but a union city woman says not only did it not work the way she but thieves were able to thwart it. denise gomez remembers her years at n.high school in oakland her friends got together in portland for the wedding of one best friend from high school. unfortunately, the trip took a sour turn. >> while out i got pickpocketed someone took my iphone out of my pocket. >> she acted her alert and posted a message asking anyone who found to it call her, she never received a call but did hear from apple getting this confirmation the phone had been repaired in a store the day after it was stolen. she suspects the thief man wrathed to disable the find my iphone features by taking it to a apple store having the technicians there wiping the ph
time and money. >> in washington white house is going solar. again. officials confirming that new solar panels being installed on 9 roof of the residents part of a project including updated heating and cooling controls and variable speed fans. president carter installed solar panels in 1979 but president reagan removed them. the white house didn't say who is supplying panel buzz did say they're american made. >> target is get being ready to open a new store in san francisco. and now, they're looking for 450 new employees. by mid day, interview rooms were crowded. hundreds of people waiting to say what they have to offer. >> i worked for lowe's, ups and disneyworld. >> law will say if you don't want it, she'll take it. you know? >> renee coleman has no retail experience but a positive attitude. >> i have everything. i have it all. >> that is what target is after. >> individuals who have a can could do attitude, coming to work ready to go who are positive. >> human resources director of the new store says it's against company poll i to publicly discuss wages and benefits but in the interv
on washington and special awards being presented tonight. >> a look at progress that construction crews made today on the bay bridge. why hard part could be still to come. >> kids and concussions. efforts >>> stintson beach is closed for the next five days after a great white shark was seen swimming in the surf by a life guard at the beach. the sighting led the park service to declare water off limits but the beach is still open. you can stay on the sand off course. officials think the shark may have been attract bid a young and slightly bleeding fin whale that died on the beach yesterday morning. experts figured out the whale calf had trauma to the sterning and bleeding around the heart they have found other signs of trauma but no broken bones they cannot say with certainty why that whale died. >> next week marks 50th anniversary of the civil rights march on washington, d.c.. two people there are sharing their memories and one of them is receiving a special award tonight we're live with the story tonight. carolyn? >> the person being honored tonight is now a professor here, back then he was
hospital, st. hellena hospital and washington hospital in fremont. the critics point out the length of the stay was gleaned from medicare billing rather than patient charts for a list go to our web site. we have a link for you there. you'll find it under see it on tv. >> if or yank and black are your idea of bay area baseball it's ter rif yichblgt oakland a's not only in first, but they're red hot. some fans decided to cross the bay to see them up close. >> i unusually go to the zbints game. >> this fan came from san jose. and are hoping to be able to watch closer to home. >> it would be a good thing as lng as we can settle issue was the giants. >> for many, lack of star power makes a's such a fun team to watch. >> they're just exciting doing unexpected things and work as a team. it's a lot of sharing. it looks real good. >> it's a fan base that apparently extends to other states. >> we're going through a's. >> so you came from arizona to root for a's? >> yes. >> they're awesome. >> what do you like about them? >> that they hit home run autos some young fans are specific about what
washington post family owned for four againations has been sold. the staff told today. the founder is wuchbt world's richest men paying $250 million and will be the sole owner. there has been a slow down in tablet sales, shipments off by 10%. apple introduced most and shifted to the fall. new ipads tend to boost sales for apple and competitors. jet blue airlines swril a new level of service. they're adding a business class to flights between new york and san francisco or new york and los angeles planes will be outfitted with seats you can stretch out. with no big economic headline facebook rose for a week and a half. >> we have another 30 minutes of news for new just a moment. extension of a world wide terror alert. a direct order from highest ranks of al qaeda. >> michael finney looking into the value of your home, is there another bay area real estate bubble about to burst? >> and major league baseball hands down its toughest punishment, ever for steroids. the biggest star among them is allowed to take the field. stay with us >>> u.s. troops on high alert and 19 posts remain closed because
potential to influence what uniform, and what he's going to be paid. sunsetting over washington monument. second inning a pitch up in the zone crushing it. it's 17th of the season. when timmy is up in the zone bad things happen. wild pitch scoring giants the giants rallied late. the a's will host astros tonight. was it fair or foul is in the game came down to this swing of the bat. he thought it's a home run. umps said no. marty riley tweeted mean aloha means you're a homer. dan said it, too. he's a homer also, marty fair, kind of ticks off the foul play f you have an opinion, tweet me his teammates playing in harlem. putting on a show. baysmore throwing down here with authority. base baismore with a dri. he misses. some giving him a hard time. not a lot of defense played there. but good time to be a warriors fan. >> thank you. >> tonight at 9:00 cable 13 coming up buzz kill. the blame may lie with a gardener. then facebook trying to gain a new audience. the target, how it could change the social media web site. that is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc 7
in six and a half years. abc news reporter has more from washington. >> today, a military judge sense yensed manning to 35 years in prison for one of the biggest leaks of classified information in u.s. history. to supporters he's a brave whistle blower. on the most serious charge of all, aiding enemy not guilty. the military judge wasn't convinced electricking those documents aided al qaeda. it's been three years since manning was first suspected of leaking a video of a 2007 american helicopter attack there that killed innocent civilians. charged with confident documents to wiki leaks. manning said he understand what he's doing when leaking documents but didn't believe he would harm the u.s.. manning will forfeit his army and a will be dishonorably discharged. his next stop a prison develop cell in kansas. >> we need whistle blowers people who are people who are not afraid to risk freedom for ability to keep us informed. >> his lawyers say next week he'll file a formal request for the president to grant manning a pardon white house refused to comment. >> a meeting on how to turn a con
to washington with some ideas born here in the silicon valley. >> a jant rosa man will spend five years in prison for operating a ponzy scheme. he got several people to invest in what he described as a computer system. what he failed to mention is that the fbi had rated his -- raided his home he was using money on jewel skpri payoffs to investors. he has been ordered to pay them back to $4.9 million. >> army private just sentenced to 35 years in prison may have sparked a new legal battle coming out as transgender. he anoubsd he plans to live as a woman named chelsea. during the trial manning's attorneys released this photo of the soldier dressed as a woman. officials say they do not provide hormone treatments but attorneys say they will fight to make it happen. >> coming up growing concern something like this could happen here. >> a plan i >>> a plan to build a propane storage facility has some residents fearing for their safety. >> the refinery located in rodeo. abc 7 news has our story. some residents say they don't want to see anything like this in their neighborhood. propane explode
's difficult for any family to go week was out a washington machine seems like an emergency for this viewer. suddenly she couldn't do her own laundry. cheryli8g admitstu.2. >> relishing the challenge of coordinating colors, rolling cows into patterns. >> it smells good. i can could do laundry for weeks, days and hours. >> which explains why suddenly she no longer hd a washer and drier this summer. >> oh my god like i'm having withdrawals. >> i it began when she bought a set here in redwood city. >> i didn't have plugs. >> so an electrician put in the right outlet z a store deliver bud this time the drier didn't work. now, technicians forget stacking kit bolting washer and drier together so though set up another appointment. without the kit the drier could fall off the washer so this time, another date and this time no, one showed up. >> i was looking at laundry and like oh my god this is not happening to me. >> she contacted 7 on your side and. >> it should have only taken us two deliveries to complete. >> the general manager said this was a rare case of miscommunication among managers. >>
and washington which have legalized marijuana. in a memo to prosecutors the department of justice outlined eight priority areas for"=ç enforcing marijuana laws including keeping pot out of hands of minors preventing profits from going to criminal operations and keeping marijuana out of states where it's currently illegal. the harborside health center is the lashlgest provider of medical marijuana and has been targeted by the u.s. attorney. they drew hope from the directive saying quote, our joy is tempered in this new policy does not specifically apply to current actions. >> we do have more still to come tonight here on abc 7 news just ahead another look at what's happening on the bay area freeways. >> plus demolition work shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect
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